Established in 1979, DMB Architects, Inc. Architecture & Planning has delivered quality professional services for over 30 years. Founded by Dale Bergerson, the firm’s foundational mission remains to assist our clients create successful outcomes through design services that meet each project’s unique goals and opportunities. The success of this simple yet profound mission is demonstrated by the lasting relationships that we’ve forged and an industry high repeat business that have endured through expansionary as well as contracting economic cycles.

While our design expertise & management leadership have garnered industry awards for excellence, it is each client’s overall success that is most satisfying and what most inspire us. We see each relationship as an opportunity to broadly learn, respectfully question, and ultimately capture the dreams our client aspire to realize through thoughtful, value-focused design solutions. To this end, we search not only for creative architectural solutions, but seek to engage the client and every discipline in a communicative, interactive professional partnership. It is our contention that projects are complex by nature and that our intentionally inclusive, pro-active approach delivers the “best solutions,” which are most appropriate, effective, and comprehensive while meeting schedule, budget, and quality goals.

At the end of 2009, Tom Bergerson launched the Orange County office to expand DMB’s regional presence and to extend our professional services to our broadening client needs. While building upon three decades of success, DMB OC will also integrate the future into our increasingly changing profession. Technology will be leveraged to its maximum and the traditional office will deliberately change to adopt more effective practices and procedures, while maintaining a high level of productivity. DMB OC is comprised of a core team of highly experienced architects, designers, project managers, technical production experts, and IT support as well as numerous consultants whose experience and background we tailor for each project. With our principal-led core team and collaborative consultants, DMB OC can effectively staff the right level of resources for each project from small remodels and due diligence reports, to major renovations and re-positioning, to large mixed-use & high-rise developments with costs ranging from thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars.

We are leaders by nature, collaborative by design, and creative by profession.